4 sister tigers call Oakland Zoo home

October 19, 2011 7:28:17 PM PDT
Four Texas tigers, all sisters, have a new home at the Oakland Zoo. Wednesday, the zoo introduced to the public the six-year-old sisters: Molly, Milou, Grace, and Ginger.

The tigers were raised from birth by a Texas couple who used the kittens as money makers at a roadside exhibit. But as they grew older, the tigers were too expensive to support and the couple got a divorce.

After a temporary home, the Oakland Zoo stepped in to provide permanent shelter for the tigers.

"They've adjusted really well, playing around, finding the pools, finding the platforms and are really enjoying themselves," animal keeper Erica Calcagno said.

For the past several weeks, aside from becoming familiar with their new digs, the four sisters have a favorite pastime: rubbing on objects spritzed in Calvin Klein's Obsession perfume.