Richmond workplace shooting suspect in custody


Bullet holes are everywhere at the Crescent Park apartment complex security office. Police say 50-year-old Doran Long had had an argument with fellow guards and returned with weapons.

"We responded to numerous calls of shots fired and ShotSpotter activations in the 5000 block of Hartnett Avenue. We located one security officer who was suffering from gunshot wounds. Two additional security officers pointed out who the suspect was, they said he also was a security officer," said Richmond Police Lt. Bisa French.

A resident heard the gunfire.

"I called my daughter and said 'are you okay?', she said 'yeah mom, I am on the floor with my baby," said Crescent Park Apartment resident Alicia.

Police say the violent night began on Richard Avenue in Concord when Long pumped 30 bullets into the house of a neighbor with whom he'd had a dispute about debris blowing into his yard. Police say one bullet nearly killed a 9-year-old child living inside the house.

"I saw it after the fact and the little girl who was in the house was pretty shook up because the bullets went past her head. The mom was in there sleeping, the dad was pretty shocked," said Crescent Park Apartment Melissa Harris.

And of all coincidences, Harris lives at the Crescent Park apartment complex in Richmond where the security guard was shot, but was staying with a relative two doors down from the shooting in Concord. She vaguely knew Long.

"I've never had any problems with him at all. That is why it is a shock to me. For me to come out and visit my sister and then he went way out there to shoot up Crescent Park. See my face I'm shocked," said Harris.

Long was caught this morning on Highway 50 in El Dorado County by sheriff's deputies and CHP officers. He is expected to come back to Richmond before tonight.

The company that manages the apartment complex is offering counseling to any residents who might want it.

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