Steve Jobs bio destined to be a best-seller

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Four million iPhone 4s were sold in the first three days. It's too early to tell if Jobs' biography will sell as many copies in as many days, however, Amazon already lists it as its No. 1 top seller.

Half of the 14 copies of the Jobs biography at Hicklebee's Book Store in San Jose were already claimed Monday. Customers had pre-ordered them.

There are predictions already this could be the best seller of the year. That's if supply keeps up with demand.

"Our order got cut in half from what we'd originally ordered, and I haven't talked to the sales rep. I haven't figured out why that was," Hicklebee's Book Store manager Ann Seaton said.

There is also a possibility half or more of all sales of the nearly 600-page book will be electronic versions.

"I actually bought it through my e-reader, that is Barnes & Noble, so I got it this morning," Palo Alto resident Andrew Pang said.

But there are also traditionalists who want the hardcover book.

"I've got a laptop, but I don't have an iPad or Kindle or any those, at least not yet," Trina Lovercheck said. "I like to hold a book and turn the pages."

The biography contains a collection of photos of the Apple CEO through the years. There are also personal photos of his family and shots taken inside the Jobs home in Palo Alto.

Author Walter Isaacson, who has written biographies of Einstein and Ben Franklin, interviewed Jobs 40 times for the book. The book covers such intimate details as his life as an adopted child, his ups and downs at Apple, and his illness.

Tech industry analyst Tim Bajarin, who had dealings with Jobs and Apple for 30 years, considers it unusual that jobs did not put restrictions on the book's content.

"The fact that he said, 'You could write about anything, and I'm not going to intervene or influence it in any way,' was huge because that is not Steve Jobs, he used to always be involved with everything," Bajarin said.

Jobs helped to create the e-book phenomenon with the iPad. And now his biography could become the best-selling book on the device.

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