'Occupy San Jose' protester splits from group

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Sean O'Kelly of Florida has renounced his affiliation with Occupy San Jose. He says he doesn't want anything he does to reflect on the group as a whole. O'Kelly has been perched atop a three-story wall outside city hall for the past two weeks. He now says he plans to stay there a total of ninety-nine days, to represent the 99 percent of Americans who are not wealthy.

"Sean O'Kelly spoke about being up on the wall and about how he's not really representative anymore of the San Jose Occupy movement, and that he now represents his own interests. And while he was originally motivated by things that were happening to us down here, he is now his own entity," said protester Owen Thaxton.

Police decided to let O'Kelly remain on the wall for safety reasons, but say they will arrest him as soon as he climbs down. The group says they support his decision.

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