Small 'Occupy SF' group joins Oakland's strike


Most of the Occupy SF protesters are staying put in San Francisco and it could be that despite assurances from the city, they felt that if more of them left their camp could be dismantled. So they sent a small, but passionate contingent to Oakland in a show of solidarity.

About two dozen protesters with Occupy San Francisco took a bullhorn and their message and headed to BART for a trip across the bay. They joined the demonstration at the Port of Oakland. The scene there is a stark contrast to what has been happening in the city.

On Wednesday, there was yoga for some, perhaps to get their bodies in shape for marching. Other had been building what they call the "School of Equality," which had actually been a concern Tuesday night when police stopped them from using wood because of the fire hazard. So instead it is made out of metal rods and tarp. All in all, it's calm at this camp which has become something of a tourist destination, though not everyone is a fan of the occupy movement.

"They have a valid point, but they don't have any mission statement. Has any one of them come up to you with a mission statement, besides, 'Oh, the government is screwing us?' Come on," said Richard Riley, a critic of the camp.

Protester Richard Kreidler believes it takes time for a new social movement to develop a strategy, but he's clear why he joined Occupy San Francisco.

"Because I'm tired of sitting and listening to what's happened to my country. The country I grew up in is gone and everything's changed. It's not benefitting the people, its benefiting a few," said Kreidler.

On Thursday at Justin Herman Plaza, there will be what's called an international day of action to coincide with the G20 summit and they expect that just as they went to Oakland tonight, Oakland protesters may come to San Francisco to support them.

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