Microchip technology reunites lost cat with owner


Kevin Snow is a crab fisherman in San Francisco and his tiny white cat is his deck mate. But "Putty" slipped away and disappeared on dry land back in July.

"I gave all her stuff away and everything and I had to get it back yesterday," said Snow.

Four months later, a reunion was made possible by a microchip.

"Feels good to have her back. Really good," said Snow. "Kind of like Christmas."

An SPCA volunteer found Putty while rounding up feral cats to be spayed and neutered, but she could tell this little one was somebody's pet.

"This cat was missing for four months and the only reason that we were able to get it back to its owner is because it was micro-chipped," said Krista Maloney of the SPCA.

It's a lesson not lost on Snow and one he hopes inspires other owners.

'It was really a good feeling to get that call and hear that she was alive and well and I could come and pick her up," he said.

Putty had a litter of kittens during her disappearance.

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