Occupy Cal prepares for Tuesday walkout


In a video posted on YouTube, one faculty member is shown being pulled by the hair as police try to arrest her.

"They should never, ever have happened and we will not stand for brutality against student protesters and anyone who is fighting for the Occupy movement or the right to public education and integration," By Any Means Necessary spokesperson Yvette Felarca said.

The group By Any Means Necessary says it will file a lawsuit on behalf of 14 protesters against police and the university.

Monday, the UC Berkeley chancellor told students, "We believe that we can best move forward by granting amnesty to students arrested and cited for attempting to block police."

Zahide Atli was arrested last Wednesday and charged with resisting arrest. But YouTube video shows her complying with the authorities.

"He is just trying to be the peace maker when in reality we don't have charges. They don't know who arrested us and made up charges so I don't think we need amnesty since we should not have been charged," Atli said.

Those organizing Tuesday's walkout say, there are other issues that need attention.

"We still have issues around the fee increases, the privatization of the university, our availability to classes is restricted, in terms of people getting in," student Desiree Angelo said.

Other students say they oppose any kind of disruption.

"Bothering or disrupting classes will not change the outcome on budget cuts, they need to go to the regents or to Sproul Hall here," student Hunter Alzate said.

The UC regents decided to cancel their meeting scheduled for this Wednesday and Thursday. The authorities told them there could be significant violence and vandalism.

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