New DNC ad targets Mitt Romney


A new 30 second ad from the DNC accuses Romney of changing his positions. It's a charge that is often leveled at the Massachusetts Republican. The fact check portion is easy.

The movie trailer take off of Mitt vs. Mitt starts with Romney's position on abortion. It's accurate that mitt Romney has reversed his position on abortion rights.

But the ad's second charge isn't accurate. The ad attempts to show Romney supported the national health care plan supported by the president and now opposes it. But what Romney supported was the Massachusetts health care plan that he signed as governor. And while that plan has a lot in common with the national plan, they're not the same.

Romney opposed the national plan from the beginning because it contained a public option. And after Congress dropped the public option, Romney is not on the record supporting it. To say that he did is not accurate.

Tuesday, Romney told reporters the DNC ad shows the Democratic Party is afraid of his campaign.

"It shows that they're awfully afraid of facing me in the general election; they want to throw the primary process to anybody but me; so bring it on, we are ready for them," Romney said.

ABC7's political analyst says Romney's right in that the ad is aimed at influencing the republican primary. Flip-flopping is much more likely to turn off the republican conservative base than it would more politically moderate voters.

When the DNC attacks Romney for changing his positions, they're hoping to make sure Romney has to fight a prolonged primary battle, spending money and getting roughed up. Or that he loses in the primary to a candidate that would be easier to beat in the general election.

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