Technology envelopes future living rooms

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"Our viewers tell us that every single glowing rectangle in their life is the same," said Jim Louderback with Revisio3 Internet TV. "It's a video consumption device: Everything from the smallest smartphone to the biggest smart TV."

In the old days, your television was for watching TV and your phone was for making phone calls. Now, just like you're computer, both are connected to the internet and so are your favorite shows and movies.

Techies call it "convergence."

"People have been talking about convergence for the last 10 years and sometime last year, the convergence just happened," said Dhimant Bhayani.

But convergence isn't quite there yet: A person could get YouTube on their tablet, but maybe not on their TV, and someone might be able to get cable on their television set but maybe not on their phone.

All of these devices work differently.

"Why do I want eight remotes on my coffee table?" questioned Bhayani.

Bhayani's answer is called iRevo, and it looks the same no matter what screen you're on: The same icons, the same content. Just click and watch.

"I'm clicking here on TED, it says 'Playing in remote view,' and it started TED podcast there," said Bhayani.

iRevo has a remote, but those could soon be a thing of the past for people with iPads.

"We're firmly believing that the second screen is becoming the dominant way that people are gonna want to do stuff,' said Jeremy Toeman.

Toeman says the second screen is the one in your lap and he hopes that screen is running his app called Dijit.

"With one thumb, I get all my remote control; with the other thumb, I can browse my TV guide," said Toeman.

Unlike a remote, a tablet lets you type searches, read reviews and see what your friends like on Facebook. You might discover a new show, and that's the idea behind the digital living room.

"We're gonna be watching more video, more good video and more video that talks directly to us," said Louderback, "not stuff that is just out there that we watch just 'cause there's nothing better on."

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