Which credit cards are giving the best rewards?


If use your credit cards correctly, you can make a profit with money back, free trips, interest free loans. Reward cards are getting more rewarding all the time; the key is finding the best card for you.

When the Credit Card Act of 2009 went into effect, many in the banking industry said we would see fewer credit card offers and those still available would be less generous.

"I am laughing that is completely ridiculous. Banks make money lending money to people. So of course they want to put credit products in people's hands, they just want to get the right products out at the right time, in the right way. So deals are out there, cards are out there, credit is out there... it is just here to stay," said Erica Sandberg from CreditCardGuide.com.

So how do you cash in? 7 On Your Side asked Sandberg which cards were the ones high on her list.

"There's a really nice Capitol One card where you have zero percent APR on both balance, transfers, and purchases until Feb. 2013, which is amazing. You have to have great credit to get it," said Sandberg.

For points she likes the Chase Sapphire card.

"If you spend $3,000 in a couple of months it translates into $625 worth of travel benefits. That's incredible. It's amazing," said Sandberg.

"That is a fabulous bonus and depending on where you are going, you can get perhaps up to two airline tickets with that," said Beverly Harzog from Credit.com.

Harzog likes the Chase Sapphire card too. Harzog is the credit card expert for Credit.com. She created the "Best Credit Cards in America" series and recently ranked the point cards.

"The Capitol One Venture Rewards came in first runner up and I like that program because it is a very generous program. You get two miles per dollar spent and it is very easy. It's one of those programs where it's just very easy to redeem and to figure out how the program even works," said Harzog.

Beverly expects the deals to keep coming, too.

"A lot of people are still hurting, but some are starting to bounce back, credit scores are going up a little bit and so they're reaching out to consumers, they want to get you back," said Harzog.

A card I think you should consider is the Southwest Airline card. It is now offering more than $800 worth of flights for new sign ups. Cash back cards are ranked on the websites too.

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