Protest held against KGO Radio for switching formats


KGO Radio recently switched from news talk radio to all news, and let most of its talk show hosts go. Listeners at the rally say they can get news from other sources, but they can't replace the talk shows they've listened to for years.

"People want diversity on the airwaves," said Jacquie Heffner, a KGO Radio listener.

"I think they want local talkback where people can intelligently discuss the issues," said Gil Gross, a former KGO Radio talk show host.

KGO Radio issued a statement saying, "KGO listeners are passionate about their station. We appreciate their input and feedback as we evolve from a news talk format to more news and information."

While KGO Radio and ABC7 have a long-standing news relationship, KGO Radio is owned by Cumulus Media and ABC7 is owned by the Walt Disney Company.

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