Teatro Zinzanni prepares to take down its tent


Teatro Zinzanni it is a throwback to another time in vaudeville and the circus. The company was only supposed to be here for a short run in the Spieghel Tent when it opened in 2000. More than 11.5 years later, it is still going strong.

"It is vaudeville with dinner; it's Moulin Rouge, it's a time of years gone by, but it's absolutely current in its love of the city," managing director Susan Outlaw said.

They pull from 250 performers from around the world and change the show four times a year.

Christopher Phi grew up in Campbell and performed in Las Vegas before joining Teatro Zinzanni.

"I grew up in musical theatre as well, so here I get to sing a bit, do my circus act and dance around and be a schmuck and do some character stuff, so it's really a fun all-inclusive fun performance venue," Phi said.

Performer Manuela Horn calls it interactive theatre

"You're part of the show; anytime someone can jump up behind you which makes the job for us super interesting because every evening is different," Horn said.

They're packing up the props and will take down the tent after the final show on New Years Eve to make way for the America's Cup, but they hope to reopen by November 2012.

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