Crews cap Berkeley water main break

January 3, 2012 7:41:59 AM PST
A water main break in Berkeley has been capped, but the damage left behind is fairly extensive. It happened on Bancroft Way near Shattuck Avenue and a sinkhole about 15 inches wide was visible after the water stopped leaking.

A six-inch water main ruptured at the corner of Fulton and Bancroft late Monday afternoon. Water gushed up thru the cracks in the asphalt, pushing the road surface up above the curb. Water cascaded down the street and pooled up in parking lots.

"I was getting into my car and something went thud, thud," said Ralph Foster, a business owner.

Foster scraped his leg as he lost his footing when the pavement swelled up. He called 911 and focused on saving property in his coin shop .

"I'm worried about the integrity of the basement cement walls because there's a leakage in my basement right now. So the water doesn't go into the basement and then go into our electrical unit," said

It took East Bay MUD more than an hour to cap the flow and now they're starting the repair process. Business owners in the area had lots of questions about repairs.

"How long is this going to take because people bringing in artwork to be framed or picking it up will be seriously hampered because of parking and just even getting to my front door," said

East Bay MUD plans to continue their work overnight. They hope to have the main repaired by morning, but of course the repairs to the street and other repairs to buildings or structures will take a lot longer to resolve.

Only 10 commercial customers in the area lost water because of the main break and some businesses have suffered some water damage. There is no word on what caused the break.