Activists storm Wells Fargo to protest foreclosure

January 6, 2012 7:07:04 PM PST
Activists rushed into a Wells Fargo bank in Antioch Friday afternoon in a brazen attempt to stop a foreclosure.

The group took over the bank for 15 minutes while a resident facing foreclosure read a letter out loud demanding a loan modification. The demonstrators left after employees faxed the letter to bank executives.

"You have to do something drastic for the banks to react. We tried the modifications at least three times, if not more, and we weren't getting any results that way," foreclosure victim Jaime Cader said.

In a statement to ABC7, Wells Fargo said less than two percent of its homeowner loans have ended in foreclosure.

A similar demonstration at a nearby Bank of America ended when bank representatives sat down with another family facing foreclosure to look over their loan.