Hammer used in attack on two women in SF

January 13, 2012 5:28:59 PM PST
San Francisco police have launched a special task force to track down the person who attacked two women in the Sunset District Thursday night.

Police canvassed the neighborhood Friday. They say the attacker used a hammer and knife. The brutal attack has shocked the neighborhood.

"This is amazing," one David Smith told ABC7. "These things don't happen out here that often." Smith runs a barber shop around the corner from the scene of the crime. He says one of the victims is a fellow business owner who owns four restaurants and a bakery in the area.

Police say the first victim, a 76-year-old woman, had just arrived at home when the attack happened. Investigators believe the weapons used included a knife and a hammer. During the attack, a second woman arrived at the home to deliver food. She saw what was happening and then she too was attacked. She ran into a nearby restaurant to call 911.

A team of investigators is scouring the area, but they only have a basic description of a suspect.

"What we know now is our suspect is an Asian male, young, speaks Cantonese," SFPD Cdr. Mike Biel said.

Neighbors describe the first victim as someone well known and respected, especially since she is a local business owner.

"I think many people know that they own some restaurants over there, and many of them only take cash, so it probably would be a reason," neighbor Cheryl Guan said.

Police are not saying this was a targeted attack, but they do say the first victim has a daily routine.

"We would hate to think that she was targeted specifically, but she does have, we believe now, a pattern that she does every day," Biel explained.

According to public records, the woman who lives in the house police are focusing their investigation on is named Rose Chung, a woman described by neighbors as very active in the neighborhood and very active politically as well.