49ers generating economic boost for SF

January 21, 2012 6:59:57 PM PST
49ers playoff fever is giving some San Francisco businesses a much-needed boost. They are rooting for the red and gold, but they are also seeing a lot of green.

The cleaning crews and security were at Candlestick Park Saturday night, getting ready for Sundays game. They were not the only ones prepping. Local businesses are sure the game will mean big money for all of them.

At Lefty O'Douls in Union Square, owners want to make sure what happened during last week's 49ers - Saints game does not happen again. They ran out of beer. And, the place was packed. This weekend, the beer order and staffing has doubled. Long-time employees say they are noticing a new trend.

"This time, people are making a whole thing of it. Instead of just going to the game and going home, they're actually coming to the city, staying in the city," Paul Stengel said.

The operative word is "city." San Francisco is getting the economic boost it needs. Restaurants and hotels are benefiting from the out of town fans and their money.

"It's January, a little after the holidays a little bit slower, but with these kinds of activites and this kind of event, we're definitely seeing the needle move," said John Reyes with the San Francisco Travel Association.

Also, sports fans, of course, need merchandise. Major retailers have reportedly sold out of 49ers jerseys and t-shirts. Now, independent vendors are popping up all over town, but even there, inventory is running low. At Mission Minis bakery, the head baker is having fun creating 49ers-inspired cupcakes. Orders for their special cupcakes are up five to ten percent. Veronica Sanchez made hundreds on Saturday for pick up Sunday.

"Ever since the last game, I had noticed people are like, 'I want red frosting. I want gold sprinkles.' Anything that is themed with 49ers has boosted up our business," Veronica Sanchez said.

If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, those at the Travel Association say the economic benefit will keep on coming, meaning San Francisco will be high on peoples' radars when it comes to choosing a vacation spot and convention destination.