Mt. Diablo High reopens bathrooms


The school's principal had ordered that all but two of the schools 16 restrooms be locked last year. That meant Mount Diablo's 1,400 students had to share one boys' bathroom and one girls' bathroom.

The principal says she closed the bathrooms for quote "security issues" because people had been vandalizing them.

"I don't think any principal on any site says, 'I want to deprive students of their ability to use the restroom,'" school board President Gary Eberhart said. "We all, these are restrooms that are here and we want the kids to be able to access them but at the same time they're trying to make sure these kids stay safe."

Eberhart also emphasizes budget cuts mean there is only one custodian working during the school day to keep the entire campus tidy.

State law sets requirements for how many restrooms need to be open based upon a school's enrollment.

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