A career Minor Leaguer finally gets his chance

After 10 years and 987 games in the minors with Atlanta and Oakland, Timmons signed with the A's last season.

"As cliché as it sounds, it's really is for the love of the game. There's nothing I'd rather be doing than playing baseball," said Timmons.

He has been in Triple-A since 2005 and has played every infield position. The 33-year-old teaches P.E. in the off season and has no plans of giving up on his dream.

"As long as I have a uniform on my back, there's always that thought that I guess I could play well enough or someone can go down," said Timmons.

Well that someone went down. Third baseman Scott Sizemore blew out his knee and is out for the season. This might be Timmons' shot at the big show and manager Bob Melvin has noticed the long haired kid from West Virginia.

"I didn't expect him to look like that and it looks like he's got some gamer in him. He's going to get plenty of playing time, we don't have that many infielders here," said Melvin.

"The reality of it is I'm here to play, whether it's the Big League level or back in Triple-A. I'm going to give 100 percent, regardless of level," said Timmons.

Shumann: Actually, your an old guy on this team.
Timmons: I'm and old guy everywhere. That's just the reality of it and maybe that's where all the energy comes from, trying to keep up with these young kids.

Timmons has been called up in September, but he's never made an opening day roster. Maybe this is the year his dream comes true.

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