Apple expected to unveil new iPad


Apple is expected to unveil the new iPad in San Francisco and speculation about the new device, rumored to have better cameras, an HD display and possibly 4G wireless, is running wild.

A survey of iPad owners shows about half of them are already planning to upgrade to Apple's newest tablet even though they've never laid eyes on one.

"Surprisingly enough if you owned a tablet previously, you're much more likely to buy the iPad 3 than if you didn't own a tablet," President Yung Trang said. found 53 percent of iPad 2 owners surveyed plan to upgrade, many by selling their old tablets online.

EBay and Craigslist are flooded with iPads, and not at bargain prices.

Unlike some other gadgets, Trang says Apple products hold their value, which is why users can afford to sell them and upgrade every year.

"To retain value of over 70 percent for an electronic item is abs unbelievable," Trang said.

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