Mirkarimi attends first domestic violence counseling session


It's part of the plea deal Mirkarimi agreed to -- 52 weeks of domestic violence classes. Thursday, with his attorney in tow, he arrived for an orientation session. When he left the hour-long class, Mirkarimi tried to dodge reporters, saying he had nothing to say.

Mirkarimi was officially suspended by the mayor on Wednesday and served with misconduct charges. The documents reiterate the domestic abuse charges that were dismissed by the district attorney as part of Mirkarimi's plea deal.

We asked if he considers that piling on.

"I think the piling on was weeks ago," Mirkarimi said. "This is more of the same -- piling on."

He will take his case to the city's ethics commission. Susan Harriman was chair when the commission held a misconduct hearing for embattled Supervisor Ed Jew back in 2007. He resigned in the early stages of the process.

Harriman says commissioners have flexibility when it comes to the proceedings.

"The rules of evidence are a little looser than they are in a court proceeding, but it will depend on whether Mr. Mirkarimi wants to testify, whether his wife wants to testify, it depends on so many factors that are unknown right now," Harriman said.

And as the saga continues, the interim sheriff appointed by the mayor spent her first full day on the job. Law enforcement veteran Vicki Hennessy is getting down to work.

Mirkarimi spent part of his day two seats away from classmate Kenneth Robinson.

"I guess he just couldn't believe he was there," Robinson said. "It was an experience for me to be sitting there with him like I committed a crime, you committed the same similar crime I committed, you need to be here, too."

When asked about the class, Mirkarimi simply described it as "fine."

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