New app lets users grab coffee on the go


"Like Frank Sinatra was born to sing, I was born to make coffee," Philz Coffee founder Phil Jaber said.

Almost 10 years after Jaber founded Philz Coffee, there are lots of people waiting to order. In fact, the line is often out the door.

Poured by hand, stirred by hand -- it's one of the oldest methods of making coffee and yet high tech trendsetters wait patiently for five, sometimes10 minutes for that perfectly crafted cup.

But what if you could eliminate the waiting?

"You're late for work or something like that and that's where we come in," Tapviva co-founder Stephen Conn said.

Conn and Evan Madow, two geeks addicted to coffee, came up with an app called Tapviva that lets users order before they get there.

"We have a lot of regulars that come in to Philz especially, order the same thing and this is just making their lives so much easier," Madow said.

The idea is simple -- users place their order on their phone and it shows up on a screen at Philz. The baristas don't have to stop to answer the phone and users don't have to wait in line.

"We put it on the table, we write their name on it, they come in and pick it up and leave," Phil's son and Philz CEO Jacob Jaber said.

Jacob Jaber says they're still all about personal service. The app is an option for people in a hurry.

"Good service is giving people options," Jacob Jaber said.

It's those options and that service that have helped Phil and Jacob open nine shops in the midst of a recession without ever taking out a loan. They say the secret is pouring their hearts into it.

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