Police mum on new leads in Sierra LaMar case


The sheriff's office says Tuesday's dive missions are not related to new leads in the case, but there is relevant new information coming from the crime lab. Preliminary test results are back on evidence in the case.

"Although they're not specifying which evidence items led to these new leads, they are saying that they are positive, they are fruitful and that it has led to some additional leads for them to follow up on," Sgt. Jose Cardoza with the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said.

We know there's limited evidence undergoing forensic testing. Sierra's cellphone was the first item found, near her home. That same weekend detectives discovered her purse with clothing and other items inside. Much later, a volunteer searcher found a box marked handcuffs and two used condoms, all sent to the crime lab.

Residents of the RV park near Tuesday's dive operations say that area, not far from Sierra's home, has gotten a lot of attention.

"We've seen them go door to door, looking in places and stuff and mostly just down there... the water and the woods over there," Parkway Lakes RV Park resident Helen Robinson said.

"I hope some days to find her then in the back of my mind I'm like 'I hope I don't' find her because that means it's over and I hope it's not over,'" Morgan Hill resident said.

The underwater search team is exploring about 10 perculation ponds in Coyote Creek Park. They are using kayaks in shallow areas and sonar equipment in deeper water.

Tuesday, divers found two cars in the Ojeer ponds.

"We want to determine and make sure they've been there; we'll take a look at them and make sure they've been there quite a while," Sheriff's Department Sgt. Don Ray said.

While there is limited information about the crime lab results, the sheriff's office says it could lead to a new search area or something even more significant.

"If and when these leads or this information that they got from the crime lab, if it does result into a person of interest or suspect, obviously it'd be very promising in the future," Cardoza said.

Technicians have 12 hours worth of data to go through and Wednesday divers will search four more ponds.

The community isn't giving up in the search for Sierra. There is another volunteer search scheduled for Wednesday.

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