Outer Richmond residents spurn strip club truck


Along Broadway in North Beach, because of the strip clubs, you'll find ambiance in the signage and no shortage of promise or pleasure. It's local color. People should expect it! It's been that way forever. Right? But maybe you've heard about how one establishment began pushing the envelope, so to speak. Not only did the sign for Larry Flynt's Hustler Club flash, it went mobile. But how mobile is too mobile?

"We just want it out of our neighborhood," says Eric Mar, supervisor of San Francisco's Outer Richmond District where whoever drove the truck would park it in his off-hours, not far from a library, just up the street from a school. Try explaining that to your child. "What do you tell your kids about that?" ABC7 asked one man "Look the other way," he said, motioning. "What's that over there?"

The good news is that the offending truck has disappeared without a trace. ABC7 inquired about its whereabouts at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, but their previous desire for publicity was mysteriously muted.

The club received a warning from Supervisor Mar that he intends to draft a new policy that would prevent such trucks from parking in suburban neighborhoods. Furthermore, should the truck appear, with cargo, anywhere in the city, police will move in for another reason. "They need to have seatbelts on, for one thing. So, I'm all for protection of people and workers in different places, but you can't drive around with strippers dancing on a pole," Mar said.

At least, not without a "pole belt," anyway. Do those exist?

The Hustler Club says the truck's taking its act on the road and it's on its way to Las Vegas.

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