Hard-hit couple struggles to recover overpaid bills


The couple lost their home of 15 years to foreclosure nearly a year ago and had to move into a small apartment.

The move meant shutting off services like gas and electricity. But even after they moved out, they found they were still paying for the home alarm system they had left behind.

Kathlene says she canceled her ADT home alarm service last June and overpaid by mistake in the flurry of moving.

"I ended up paying for two extra months because they were saying that I owed this money to them so I went ahead and paid it," she said.

ADT agreed to refund her $215. But months later, she still hadn't received her money.

"I know some people say well that's not a lot of money," Kathlene said. But on top of losing their home and looking for work, the money meant a lot.

"It was just real hard. I mean you just have so much that's coming down on you," she said.

Kathlene contacted 7 On Your Side and we contacted ADT. It wasn't long before Kathlene received her $215 check.

ADT says there was a delay in issuing the refund because Kathlene couldn't recall her cancellation code. ADT won't shut off service until it confirms the cancelation is really being made by the homeowner and not a potential burglar.

There was another delay when the check was sent to the old address twice before finally reaching Kathlene.

The company said, "We apologize for the inconvenience to our customer and we are very happy she received her refund."

Kathlene says things are starting to get better. Both she and her husband are now working and they hope to buy another home.

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