Classes at Oikos University to resume Monday


The president of Oikos University was at the campus Sunday afternoon. He didn't want to go on camera, but off camera he said the decision to reopen the school was rooted in its Christian values, saying the school must overcome.

"I just knew this was the area and when I first heard the story it just touched our hearts you know. The fact that these people were here trying to get a degree," said San Francisco resident Lavell Adams.

Most of the school's 150 students plan to return. The bullet holes have been filled and nearly every door has been replaced. Nursing students, however, will be spared from returning to the scene of the shooting. Their classes have been moved to Unitek College in Fremont.

The suspected gunman, One Goh, was a former nursing student, and most of his shooting victims were in the nursing program -- including Dawinder Kaur. ABC7 spoke to her the day she was released from the hospital. Dawinder is still recovering from a gunshot wound near her elbow, but she says she has every intention of going to class at Unitek on Monday.

She told us over the phone: "We have to move on with our lives. We will always remember the ones who were part of our class and we'll graduate and pass the state exam just for them." These women from Oakland were happy to hear that classes are starting up again. They also were in the area and came by to see the site of the shooting for themselves.

"The school can't stay closed. They have students who want to finish what they started so it can't stay closed," said Oakland Resident Yaya.

There was one classroom where most of the students died. We've been told that will remain unused indefinitely.

The school has set up a memorial fund for the victims and their families. People are also leaving condolences on the university's website.

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