Deputies find body in Castro Valley home


Police were not expecting to find a body at the location and were very surprised. Neighbors say things don't add up and they want to know more. Sheriff's deputies decided to do a probation check at the home Monday night after receiving calls about criminal activity in this Castro Valley neighborhood. They couldn't believe what they found inside. "When they entered the house, there was a significant amount of blood and at that time, they froze the house and later discovered the body," OPD Sgt. JD Nelson told ABC7 News.

Nelson isn't sure if anyone else was home or if deputies barged in when no one answered the door. He says they checked other parolees in the neighborhood as well, but they did not specifically target the home on Omega Ave. "It's a very unusual circumstance, yes. We do probation parole searches quite frequently. Not very often that you go in and find a bloody scene and then a body to go along with that," Nelson said. Investigators say they don't know the cause of death or the identity of the victim. They don't think the deceased is the person on probation they were originally checking on. "In this particular case, we don't believe he was there," Nelson said.

"That's crazy. Why would you just pinpoint that house exactly?" neighbor Christina Rodriguez asked. "They've been very scarce with us since last night. You have kids in the neighborhood. You kind of want to know what's going on." Neighbors say a woman and her two adult children live in the home. One neighbor who said she spoke with the adult daughter and the ex-husband of the homeowner Monday night said they don't know who was found dead in their home and that the police were not telling them anything.

Some residents of Omega Avenue find the murder mystery in the middle of heir block unnerving. "I'm shocked. My grandkids are nervous," one woman said.

The coroner is now doing an investigation to figure out how the man died and who he is. No arrests have been made.

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