Judge rules against high school student who cheated


The judge ruled in favor of Sequoia High School and Unified School District and against the 17-year-old who admits he cheated. The judge said he would not grant an immediate injunction to get the student back in the class.

The teen and his mother signed a document that he would not cheat, then he copied another student's work. The student's father, who is also an attorney, said the expulsion from the class severely impact his son's future.

The judge said the student cheated, there was no denial of education, the student had no right to be in an advanced English course and if the case went to trial, the father and student would probably lose.

"If you are caught cheating, you should be kicked out of the class. You shouldn't fake how smart you are," said student Ally Reid.

The father did receive a number of very harsh calls from parents who were upset about the cheating and tying up school district attorneys in costly litigation. The father sued the high school, school district, superintendant and principal.

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