Friends raise money for man found unconscious


"It's hard to see him like that, all bruised up; he's got road rash all over his back and his neck is broke," Josh's mother Stacie Valdez said.

No one knows exactly what happened early Saturday morning after midnight. Valdez was walking through a Morgan Hill intersection when police think he was hit by a car. Officers happened to see him as they drove by. He was unconscious.

"He was laying there for what we think, just under an hour from the time of the incident to when we located him; horrible," Morgan Hill Police Sgt. Troy Hoefling said.

It's a thought that's breaking his family's heart.

"Whoever did this or is involved or if anyone saw anything, nobody cared enough for a human life that had been possibly lost or damaged to say anything," Valdez's sister Amanda Arms said.

The lack of action Saturday night is prompting Valdez's friends to act. They're gathering support from where ever they can find it. In small businesses in Morgan Hill, donation jars are set up and signs and flyers are posted. Anyone with any information about Saturday is asked to call police.

"I do think it's very important for all members of this community to step in and help when something like this happens," Holly Horner said.

But Valdez's family members don't just want answers, they also need money. Neither the 22-year-old nor his mother has health insurance. Valdez's friends are selling t-shirts, homemade bracelets and they set up a donation page, anything to help pay for his mounting hospital bills.

"It's a horrible, horrible situation all around; his family is struggling with money," friend Joshua Diget said. "He's had a rough time and he deserves as much help as he can get."

There will be a prayer vigil and fundraiser for Valdez on Tuesday night.

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