Armed robbery at Antioch home captured on video


When Eric Gilbert pulled into his driveway before 3 a.m. Friday, he was greeted by a hooded man pointing a gun at him.

"I was horrified. I thought the guy was going to kill me because he put [a gun] directly in my face, I complied, I gave him my wallet, and he still, still pulled the trigger," said Gilbert.

For whatever reason, the gun never fired.

"Then I looked up, a guy was right there with a gun in my face. He said basically, 'Break yourself, give me everything you have,' and I complied. I gave him my wallet and he pulled the trigger and it locked up and it clicked," said Gilbert.

Gilbert says the gunman still wasn't satisfied.

"Walked over to the truck, gave him my hat, but he wasn't satisfied, he threw that down and he mentioned he was from a city called Oakland and he said he wanted more," said Gilbert.

The ordeal ended when the armed robber tried and failed to get into the house.

"He again squeezed the trigger and at that point I put the key into the lock, trying to get into the door, he squeezed the trigger again, and I opened the door, I ran in, I closed the door, locked it," said Gilbert.

Gilbert then called 911. He thinks the gunman followed him home in a white Honda accord. It was only about a month ago he installed surveillance cameras outside his home for safety and peace of mind. He never imagined they would capture him becoming a victim.

"Not in a million years. You always think it's going to be the other person. You never think it's going to be you," said Gilbert.

The homeowner says he wanted to tell his story on television to get the word out that things like this could seemingly happen to anyone and that people should be aware of their surroundings.

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