BART trains stop for man running on tracks


A passenger alerted BART after seeing the man jump onto the tracks near the West Oakland station around noon. He took off toward the Lake Merritt station. BART then turned off its electric third rail while police searched for the man. That caused two trains to get stuck between stations.

"It was hot and stuffy. I'm claustrophobic, so... it was hot, there was kids crying and people... They were telling us not to open the doors and not to panic," said Wendell Stephon, a BART passenger.

"We're balancing the needs for service with the need for safety for that person who's on the track. Today it worked out well. The person was taken into custody, is safe," said BART spokesman Jim Allison.

BART did allow one stranded train to move after a woman on board called 911 and complained she had trouble breathing. Paramedics treated her after that train arrived at West Oakland station.

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