Foreclosure help company looks at housing trend


With the help of 7 On Your Side Regina Harper was able to get her mortgage modified, but she remembers those dark days before the new loan came through.

"I remember when I used to look at the four walls and think, 'How long have I got to be here?'" said Regina Harper of San Leandro.

We hear a lot about foreclosures, we see our neighbors forced out of their homes. So we asked: when is the pain going to end?

The answer, according to, a foreclosure help company, is this is going to go on for years.

"It is like a band-aid slowly being ripped off rather and dealing with it in a quick manner. It is a long process and it is going to continue to go for a long time," said Jon Maddux from

Maddux is a cofounder of You Walk Away and he says banks are taking their sweet time. You Walk Away recently looked at its data and found its clients have a long wait before they hear from the bank.

"A high percentage of our clients haven't even getting a foreclosure notice for 15 months, 16 months, 18 months, in some as high as 2-and-a-half years and still haven't received a foreclosure notice," said Maddux.

He says if things keep going at this rate, the housing crisis won't end any time soon.

"It is not really considerably going to start to go back on an upward trend, for in my opinion, any kind of significant trend for about 10 years," Maddux.

The good news for those hoping to increase their home equity is that rents are now going up and buying a home is looking like a better deal all the time.

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