SJ exec wants apologies after Eddie Griffin ordeal


It all happened at Tommy T's in Pleasanton during a comedy show at which there was a capacity audience of over 275 people. The headliner aimed his jokes at heavy people. He also aimed them at a bald man. However, the room really exploded when a woman complained about remarks he made at her, about lesbians.

The YouTube video shows the commotion caused inside Tommy T's when a patron tossed a glass of champagne at comedian and actor Eddie Griffin. Griffin had directed a joke at San Jose CEO Fiona Walshe, after her girlfriend put her arms on her shoulder. The remarks were sexual in nature about their lesbian orientation. "His behavior was outrageous. It was uncalled for. He singled out my client. He targeted her and he threatened her, and that's not right," said Walshe's attorney Ruben Ruiz.

It happened about two weeks ago when Walshe and a group of friends went to the comedy steakhouse to celebrate a birthday. Walshe sat just three seats from Griffin on stage. After Walshe threw her drink at Griffin, Griffin reportedly retaliated, dumping a glass of water on her head. "She should have just got up and if she didn't like what was being said, just get up and go," said club owner Tommy Thomas.

The fray escalated as patrons took Griffin's side. Walshe says she was hit six times with drinks to the back as she left the club. She wants an apology. However, Tommy T's co-owner, Gayle Thomas said, "If I'm going to apologize, I'm going to apologize to everyone else who had to have that kind of ending to the show. She created this." ABC7 News was unable to reach Griffin or his agent. Besides comedy, Griffin has now branched out to acting.

Walshe's attorney believes Griffin stepped over the line. "I think every comedian in America has the right to do his comedy show and to make the jokes that he wants to make. Unfortunately, that isn't the case here. He walked down the aisle. He told her he wanted to sleep with her and then made obscene, explicit sexual gestures towards her face," Ruiz said.

People who saw the show have been stopping by and calling Tommy T's to show their support for the club and for the comedian. In the meantime, Walshe's attorney is thinking about filing a lawsuit asking for damages. He is also thinking about organizing a boycott.

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