Andrea Marcovicci resurrects Cabaret style music


There's joy in her singing. She is in a new show at The Rrazz Room called "Smile" and she is on a mission.

"When people seem to be so troubled, so crazy, so worried about everything -- the economy, the election -- as I say to them, just give me an hour and 10 minutes of your life and then you can road rage your way home," said Marcovicci.

She's been appearing in San Francisco for 27 years. Marcovicci is the toast of Cabaret from here to New York. Her style now is a far cry from how she began.

"I was a torch singer. I was terrible serious. My intention was to make everyone miserable and over the course of all these years I've lightened up. My songs have lightened up," said Marcovicci.

She began as an actress and was in "The Front" with Woody Allen. There has been a lot of television, but singing beats out acting for her. She was the last performer at the Oak Room of the Algonquin Hotel, closed after 32 years as a major club.

"It felt like a home. To lose it was profound, but somehow out of it that loss came to the show I am doing now," said Marcovicci.

Her show is fascinating, insightful, and intelligent.

"With places like The Rrazz Room around the country and performances by the queen of Cabaret, it appears the American Songbook is alive and well," said Marcovicci.

She will be here through August 5.

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