Body found in Diamond Heights backyard


That street is a secluded dead end street off Diamond Heights Boulevard. The man's body was discovered behind a row of homes.

As late as 4 p.m. Sunday inspectors from the San Francisco Police Department were poking around the brush and hillside behind the homes. At this point they still don't know the name of the victim who had gunshot wounds. There is a steep hill leading down to the row of town homes. The body was discovered in a concrete drainage gully. Police don't know exactly how it ended up there.

One neighbor told us he heard possible gunshots around 11 p.m., but at the time he says it simply sounded like fireworks.

Around 9:30 a.m. another resident who takes care of the landscaping found the bloody body and called police.

Police are basically starting from scratch. They're checking the victim's finger prints, hoping to come with an identity of the man, and figure out the circumstances surrounding his death.

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