Stockpile of ammo, assault rifle found in homeless man's car

July 30, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
Police in San Francisco are investigating how a homeless man ended up with an array of weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. The startling discovery is that the man, Robert Johns, was arrested one day after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.

Police say Johns had a substantial amount of weapons and survivalist gear inside his grey Jeep Cherokee when he was detained. "Four weapons, a lot of ammunition, a lot of knives," said SFPD Lt. Alexa O'Brien. None of them were registered in his name. Johns is now in custody on weapons charges. The Jeep was also taken by police.

One of the first encounters Johns had with police occurred back in late June when he harassed a neighbor George Teragawa's daughter, leaving her a note on her car. "Telling her, you know, you're going going to be dead or something," he said. "She took it to the police.

When police confronted him, they found only two weapons -- a shotgun and a rifle inside his car. He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation but released within the required 72 hours. After he was released, he continued to live out of his car and went on harassing neighbors, despite the multiple complaints.

"They were running a homeless encampment out of it, so it fed the homeless situation here that was just this massive homeless thing going on for about four weeks," said neighbor Mark Lambors.

Police finally ran into him again. That's when they found more guns inside his car. "That's definitely one of the scary things that we're looking into," said O'Brien. "How somebody like this could get weapons?"

Johns remains under arrest. None of the guns police found in his car were registered in his name.