Son of Silicon Valley judges killed in Afghanistan


Capt. Matt Manoukian is the son of two Silicon Valley judges. They are mourning along with his two brothers.

Manoukian's death has also devastated the kindergartners from St. Vincent's Day Home in Oakland, who had adopted him as a penpal.

Manoukian was on his fourth tour in Afghanistan when he was killed. He was shot by an Afghan police officer.

Manoukian is known to his family and friends as a Marine's Marine. He was in Afghanistan during this tour to train Afghan police forces to provide security for their own country.

Carol Ann Corrigan, a longtime family friend and associate California Supreme Court justice, has known Manoukian and his family for the past 25 years.

"After 9/11 he became very committed to the notion of defending his country and assisting in its protection," she said. "He is a truly proud member of the Marine Corps."

Manioukian, 29, is the son of Santa Clara judge Socrates Pete Manoukian and associate justice Patricia Bamattre-Manoukian of the state appellate court.

Both are on the board of St. Vincent's Day Home in Oakland. At the center, children adopted a group of Marines as penpals due to the influence of Matt and his parents.

Corrigan said she learned that Capt. Manoukian was killed while having a meal with a group of Afghan police officers Thursday.

Corrigan said the family is headed to Dover, Del. to wait for Manoukian's casket. He is also survived by his two brothers, Michael and Martin.

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