Family dog devours $300 from owner's purse

August 16, 2012 12:27:23 PM PDT
Arnie, a 10-year-old beagle from Florida, is in the dog house for devouring $300 in cold hard cash.

While the pup's owners slept peacefully in their bed, Arnie was apparently cruising the house for a midnight treat. He discovered the money in a purse and went to work. According to owner Corey O'Kelley, Arnie chewed through the bills, only leaving $25, "She came flying out of the bedroom saying oh no, oh no, it looks like he systematically tore every single bill apart and swallowed it," O'Kelley said.

The family had been saving money for their daughter's swim lessons.

And it turns out this isn't Arnie's first offense. His owners say he did the same thing about seven years ago when he chowed down on a hundred bucks. That time, though, they say it came out in one piece.