SF residents await recommendation on Mirkarimi


So, there has been a vote, but a recommendation has not yet been made by the commission on whether Mirkarimi should remain in office or not. That recommendation is expected to come out next month and if they recommend Mirkarimi be removed from office permanently, the board of supervisors will take up the issue.

Mirkarimi entered the commission hearing Thursday accompanied by his wife Eliana Lopez who stands by her husband in asking for his job back. He says he doesn't agree with the vote, but he did appreciate the commission rejecting allegations that he sought to get witnesses to not cooperate with the investigation.

The mayor says the vote proves Mirkarimi is "unfit to serve the people of San Francisco as sheriff." San Francisco residents that spoke with ABC7 News in front of City Hall Friday know where they stand.

"It's hard for me to understand that somebody who's been convicted of a crime would be recommended to be sheriff, overseeing the crime of the city," San Francisco resident Lisa Trustin told ABC7 News.

"There are one or two things you can be accused of in San Francisco that will make everyone hate you. That's abuse of a woman and murdering someone," Mark Jackson said. "I think otherwise, someone will have sympathy for you and in this case, it seems like a witchhunt."

"I don't see the connection," said David Smugar. "I think he would be an excellent sheriff. Certainly hope he stays in his current position, or gets put back."

This all began on New Year's Eve when a neighbor photographed a tearful Lopez showing off a bruise given to her by her husband when he grabbed her. Mirkarimi, who had been elected but not sworn in as sheriff, faced felony domestic violence before he plea bargained down to a false imprisonment misdemeanor.

If next month the commission recommends Mirkarimi's removal, the board of supervisors will take up the issue and 9 of 11 of them will have to agree to remove Mirkarimi from office.

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