Police pursuit caused headache for I-880 drivers


Tasered by police, the suspect was handcuffed and kept face down on the ground. Police had their guns pointed at the man. The car he was driving overturned, leading officials to close several lanes of northbound I-880. This created a backup that went all the way into San Lorenzo.

Police say they tried to stop the driver near Hegenberger Road because they suspected it was a stolen car. The pursuit happened after officers tried to pull the car over and the driver sped away.

During the chase, several cars were hit, including one owned by a Union City family with a child in the backseat. Fortunately the young boy was safely strapped in a car seat and was not hurt.

Rahdi Umapathy says the family had been on their way to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom when they were hit, "It was a big sound that I heard and the baby was sleeping next to me and suddenly when I turned around the glass was shattered and when we turned back the car was upside down."

Husband Viswanathan Umapathy added, "I think he was coming very fast, so he hit us and one more van and a truck. It was a big bump. I am assuming that I am fine."

No one suffered major injuries. The suspect was put inside an ambulance and sent to the hospital. He will be taken later to jail.

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