Petaluma National All-Stars to receive key from the city


"In any small town like this it is really a source of pride to be recognized on a national level," Petaluma High School student Tiernan O'Rourke said. "Especially sports."

O'Rourke and some of his pals at the school found themselves working on a surprise project this week. On Monday shop teacher Dan Sunia received a call from the mayor, who ordered the key for the team, "It's about three feet long, and it's got a big round end that represents a baseball," Sunia said. "It's going to be so wide and have their names painted on it."

This is not the first time a shop class at Petaluma High School has made a contribution for the city. About sixty benches and many decorative eggs spread all around town were also made by students.

When asked what he's teaching the kids, Sunia answered, "Work ethics. We're teaching all kinds of skills for life; how to measure, how to manufacture, weld, machine."

Those are skills that travel. And no one appreciates that more than Sunia who used to be a machinist at the Mare Island Naval Shipyards before they closed. He's a survivor, a teacher, and an inspiration all in one.

"Those young ballplayers may attend this high school in the next year or two," Sunia said. "We're looking forward to having them.

The Petaluma National All-Stars finished third in the Little League World Series. The parade through downtown Petaluma will take place Sunday at 1 pm.

The parade will follow the route of the annual Butter & Egg Days parade -- starting at Fourth and D streets, and continuing along Fourth and Kentucky streets to Washingon Street, then right to Petaluma Boulevard and right down the Boulevard to D Street.

The parade will conclude at Walnut Park at Petaluma Boulevard South and D Street for a celebration party, including speeches, photo opportunities and more.

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