Oakland A's on a winning roll


Small in numbers, mighty in enthusiasm, A's fans are all over this team no matter what goes on in the front office.

"I think they've grown as a team and they're cohesive now and therefore, they're all working toward the same goal," said Kay Michaels, A's Fan.

This is a team that was picked to finish at the bottom of their division, lucky to play .500 ball before the season began. Now they're closing in on Texas in the run for the division. Here they are with the Majors low-salary budget of $55 million, but trades have made the players start believing in each other.

"You've seen an influx of guys over the course of the season that are helping out incrementally at certain times," said A's manager Bob Melvin.

You also can't count out Melvin's managerial skills.

"It's good to see all the fans supporting. It's good energy out there in the crowd and I think that's reflected on the field," said A's Pitcher Tyson Ross.

Crows are still small, even with this streak going. Then the upper section of the Coliseum is covered so they can't sell seats.

"You've got to promote a team to get them here. We've had big crowds here," said Tom Carrol of Hayward.

Tom and his wife Linda Carrol have been A's fans for 30 years. He thinks it's a strategy by team owner Lew Wolff to move the team to San Jose.

"First Lew Wolff has to exit the scene. He's poisoned the waters," said Steve Eigenberg of Piedmont.

Eigenberg has been an A's fan since 1968. He says a losing team would make it easier for Wolff to move them, but winning calls for a different strategy.

"I don't think he's regretting that they're having a good season. He realizes it's a one year blip, they haven't won since 2006, doesn't mean that this is viable," said USA Today reporter Jorge Ortiz.

"Our fans have had a big impact on the way we've been playing and you see our record at home, we've been playing very well at home," said Melvin.

There has also been some talk about moving the A's to Downtown Oakland.

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