Milpitas police investigate 1st homicide of 2012


News of the weekend shooting has hit customers hard. Some have even dropped off flowers in honor of the clerk who was shot to death while working the overnight shift.

Milpitas police identify the employee as Mohammed Sadeghzadeh. The Milpitas resident started working at the convenience store only a month ago.

"This guy, he just started, seemed like a very nice guy, wasn't violent at all or anything, he was just here working," regular customer Timothy Arnaldo said.

Police say Sadeghzadeh was shot during a robbery. An employee says based on what he heard, there were three men all wearing masks. They entered the store around 2 a.m., jumped over the counter to take the cash, then shot Sadeghzadeh.

Milpitas police say all of their detectives are now working on this case. They won't talk about the evidence, but it's likely they're going over surveillance video. Cameras are installed throughout the store.

Homicides aren't common in Milpitas. This is the city's first so far this year. There were only two last year, and none the year before, which is why all of this comes as such a shock.

"My daughter goes to school here, her mom grew up here," customer Carlos Maldonado said. "She loves it here and she wants my daughter to go to school here too so this is very shocking. Very surprising."

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