Pixar faced challenges converting Nemo to 3D


Animators at Emeryville's Pixar studios faced special challenges. First, they spent nine months just converting old files from an antiquated computer program. Then they had to go through the movie frame-by-frame to decide which parts worked best for 3D. Those majestic underwater scenes that made the original so special, proved to be difficult.

"When they originally made the movie, they added all these specks floating in the air," Pixar's stereoscopic director Bob Whitehill said. "And so when we set the 3Deffects for the characters, we found the specks were way out in our face. And so we went in and took out individual specks, and we rescaled and shaped the specks and pushed them back."

It took Pixar 18 months to redo "Finding Nemo." So much work went into it that the studio calls it a re-filming of the classic.

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