More marrow drives held for toddler battling leukemia


2-year-old Jeremy Kong of San Francisco has a very rare form of leukemia. He needs a bone marrow transplant before undergoing a third round of chemotherapy scheduled for November.

There are no matches for Jeremy in the current national bone marrow donor registry, so bone marrow drives have been taking place to find a match.

While it's most likely to come from an Asian donor, Asians make up less than one percent of those on the registry. Jeremy's aunt, Emily Kong, says that part of the reason may be an old fashioned superstition that talking of illness can bring a curse to those who hear about it. She hopes people will set aside old superstitions and come out to see if they can help.

Saturday's bone marrow drives started at 10 a.m. One took place at the International Dragon Boat Festival on Treasure Island, while the other was at the Chinatown YMCA on Sacramento Street in San Francisco.

Three more drives will be held on Sunday. Click here for more information on upcoming drives.

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