Law firm launching PSA campaign about cell phone theft


The Dolan law firm is launching a public service campaign to make sure what happened to Heather Sweeney doesn't happen to anyone else. Sweeney was celebrating her birthday inside a Fillmore Street bar last month when a man and woman mugged her.

"Reality is, it's happening everywhere. It's happening to people walking down the street in broad daylight. It's happening in restaurants like it's happening to me and the thieves are becoming more aggressive, more brazen, and the attacks are getting more violent," Sweeney told ABC7 News.

Chris Dolan plans on spending up to $20,000 on the campaign which will include radio and newspaper warnings about what's now being called "phone jacking." He's also offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest people who attacked Heather Sweeney.

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