Mayors make friendly wager on outcome of NLCS


The mayor of the losing city has agreed to change his profile picture on Twitter to an image of the winning team's logo for a day, according to a statement released Sunday by Lee's office.

The losing mayor will also send food and beverages associated with this city so the winning mayor can invite the community to city hall for a celebration.

If the Giants lose, Lee will send dim sum and Anchor Steam beer to St. Louis.

If the Cardinals lose, Slay intends to send St. Louis barbecue, toasted ravioli and a "court" of St. Louis brews, led by the "King of Beers."

"I originally wanted to bet the Golden Gate Bridge for the St. Louis Arch, that's how confident I am that the Giants are going to beat the Cardinals and advance to the World Series," Lee said in a statement.

Lee urged all fans to treat each other with respect during the series.

The mayor's office said that City Hall and Coit Tower will continue to be illuminated with orange lights to encourage the Giants to victory.

The first game of the series started Sunday evening at 5:15 p.m.

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