Battle between SJPD, city official heats up

SAN JOSE, Calif.

On Sunday union and city officials gathered to strongly condemn City Councilwoman Rose Herrera. They say that in a mailer Herrera blamed slow response times and fewer arrests on the police force. They pointed out the police force is very understaffed.

"It's happening in my neighborhood. It's happening in neighborhoods throughout this city," San Jose City Councilmember Ash Kalra said. "There are more break-ins. We're not responding to burglaries. And that is not the fault at all of anyone that wears a uniform. That's the fault of city hall."

Herrera responded, saying, "What the mailer addressed is the police union, not all San Jose police officers. Talking about the police union and their tactics."

Herrera is in a tough re-election fight. She is in favor of police pension reform.

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