Man, woman shot to death in Contra Costa Co.


People living along Buchanan Road at the Antioch/Pittsburg border knew something major happened Sunday night but figured it was a car accident. They didn't realize two people had been shot to death right behind their homes. "I had no idea there was a shooting. It's terrible," Ron Huddleston told ABC7 News. "It's really bad."

Because the shootings happened between the two cities, Contra Costa sheriff's deputies responded to the call. Investigators say the shootings happened around 5:25 p.m. Sunday on Buchanan Road between Meadows Avenue and Summersville Road. Longtime residents say the shooting doesn't surprise them too much because they've heard shots before just further down the road. "We've had them, shots, but nothing this close, nothing this close. First time this close," Bruce Walden said. "It is unnerving, very unnerving."

"It's started happening more and more. It seems like more and more people are moving here from the city and as the population grows, things happen," Huddleston said. "I'm just alarmed. I don't know, but I feel safe most of the time. I just didn't know about that."

Investigators say the victims are a man and woman in their 20's, from San Francisco. They don't know whether the pair was walking down Buchanan or whether they were taken there by car. They've interviewed people and gotten descriptions of a car seen leaving the area, but the descriptions are all different.

No arrests have been made and authorities have no suspects. With no description of the car and no description of the killer, investigators say this is going to be a difficult case.

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