Giants head to St. Louis with NLCS tied 1-1


As they prepared to leave, players were still talking about that controversial slide that leveled second baseman Marco Scutaro and whether he will play tomorrow. "It was impressive how Scutaro stayed in the game and got two big hits. There's going to be hard play, both sides and that stuff happens," outfielder Hunter Pence said.

Scutaro's x-rays came back negative, so he didn't break anything. Now, they'll look to see if there is muscle damage and determine if he can play. He injured his hip when Matt Holliday slid into him. Some think it looked like Holliday was going for the player and not the bag. "Matt Holliday, I think, himself said he started the slide a tad too late. So, whether it was a tad or several tads, I think you can kind of see from the replay," Giants CEO Larry Baer said.

"Tony La Russa also had a rule that if you hit one of our guys, we're going to hit one your guys. I'm not saying that's the rule we live by and I don't make those decisions, but I just hope Marco Scutaro can play tomorrow," third base coach Tim Flannery said.

Giants commentator Mike Krukow thinks Holliday helped the team with this play. He says it brought the giants together. "I think they're going to win the series. I think they've got momentum now that's going to bring the city another National League Pennant and I think they're going to take it right into the next step. That's how significant I think that play was last night, so thank you Matt Holliday," he said.

The series is now tied 1-1 and a lot of the credit goes to pitcher Ryan Vogelsong who only allowed one run Monday night. He said it was one of his best games ever. "I don't think it's totally set in yet. I think it'll probably. Hopefully that means after we're holding the World Series trophy up," he said.

Matt Cain will be the Giants starting pitcher on Wednesday.

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