Teen that struck dad, girl sentenced to juvenile detention


Now that the teen that killed two of their loved ones has been sentenced a legal chapter is closed for the Nuri family, but the grieving is far from over.

"She now has to go home and deal with life, without a husband and without her younger daughter," Nuri family attorney Michael Cardoza said.

Though tried a juvenile, David Rosen is now 18. During an emotional hearing, Rosen received the maximum, seven years, eight months, for killing 9-year-old Hadees Nuri and her father Soliman as they road their bikes on the sidewalk along Treat Boulevard last April. Twelve-year-old Hana Nuri was also injured.

"I will say and I must say, the sentence imposed by the judge is much more severe than he would've received as an adult," prosecutor Dan Cabral said.

The prosecutor says Rosen was trying to beat a yellow light, driving his Cadillac Escalade 71 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone, when he lost control and struck the Nuris.

In court, the judge revealed Rosen had no car insurance and was a troubled teen, with a history of reckless driving and marijuana abuse, though he was not under the influence at the time of the accident.

The Nuri family also said in court, they were offended by a photo posted on a Facebook page months after the fatal accident showing a smiling Rosen out dirt biking.

At the last hearing, Rosen indicated he wanted to say something to the Nuri family, but was told to wait until the sentencing. Monday, however, he did not even look at the Nuri family.

"He has a mind and a mouth, and a family that supports him; he could've obviously gone against his lawyer and said you know, that's what I feel is right," Soliman Nuri's brother-in-law Emal Karzai said.

Rosen's attorney did speak in court, saying, "David Rosen did not get up that morning to kill anybody. He is no more evil than any other young members of our community."

Though his sentence is nearly eight years, by law Rosen will be released from juvenile detention in three years, at age 21.

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